2012 Hotel Noir - Carla Gugino and Rufus Sewell

Kickstarter Update:

Okay, the first wave of Gathr screenings have been requested and now need your assistance in being filled.  This is the main goal of the HOTEL NOIR campaign — to get the movie shown in actual THEATERS!

So if you live (or know someone who lives) close to one of these theaters, get on over to Gathr and reserve your seats!  If you partake in any of those fancy social networking things like Twitter and Facebook, post about it!  The key thing is getting the word out so that people know its actually happening.  

If they don’t know, they can’t see it.  So don’t be mean, LET THEM KNOW.

1. West Palm Beach, FL — Go to http://gathr.us/screening/563 (screening on Dec. 13)

2. Philadelphia, PA — Go to http://gathr.us/screening/523 (screening on Dec 10)

3. Cedar City, UT — Go to http://gathr.us/screening/608  (screening on Dec. 10)

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